Broadcast Signal Intrusion star Kelley Mack revealed the tips Harry Shum Jr. gave her on set in her new uInterview.

Mack plays Alice, a “wayward soul” who teams up with Shum Jr.’s character James to solve the mysteries behind broadcast signal intrusions and their connection to his wife’s death.

“I actually felt like she was pretty different than me in many regards,” Mack told uInterview founder Erik Meers, “she’s super fierce and takes control of what she wants in life … but, I understood the part of her that was like the badass female, and if you are going to actually have some sort of control over your life, you need to do something about it. And she was great unfortunately at distracting herself from everything that’s happened and I think we all do that a lot, I know I do that. I think it’s choosing what you distract yourself with is the most important thing, and if it’s a destructive or constructive way of spending your time in life.”

The actress revealed how she got into her character. “Because she doesn’t really have a home, she’s kind of a drifter, I actually watched several documentaries and just videos on Netflix about the homeless population, which was very enlightening,” Mack said. “And I listened to a lot of 80s punk music; got into some Jane’s Addiction and The Cure, and that music really helps me get into the head of a character.”

Mack gushed about her costar, Shum Jr., and explained how he helped her hone her role.

“He was a great scene partner and he has a lot more experience than I do in terms of acting so cause he’s been doing this for so long,” she said. “He gave some really great tips. I just remember specifically, there’s a scene that takes place in a bar. And there is some physicalities that he just reminded me that it’s okay to provide suggestions in terms of physicality or switching up some things so it’s not performing exactly as written. And he was like ‘Let’s do this,’ I think it’s been done in movies before and it’s probably why he thought of it, just ‘Let’s slide our shot glasses across the bar,’ that wasn’t in the script, and he was like ‘I feel like it would make it more dynamic.’ And he was just really honest about specific acting notes that really, really helped me and I think the story in general.

“And then also, not a lot of people notice this, but I play a different — I play two characters in the movie. And there was one day where he was attempting to teach me, I guess revive, I used to do ballet when I was younger, he was trying to revive those skills in me, so I could portray Hannah for a couple of scenes, professional dancer. And it was horrible, most of it got cut, but he was very sweet cause he’s a pro dancer so,” she said.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion is in theaters now.

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