Singer and songwriter Kat Von D, who rose to fame as the star of the reality TV series LA Ink, inspires her fans to go after their dreams, but Von D is not without some inspiration of her own.

Growing up in a Mexican-American household, Von D loved listening to the late Selena’s music on repeat. She connected with her songs through more than just the language of music, but also through the English language.

“Selena plays such a crucial part of my childhood upbringing. When we moved to America, our household didn’t really speak any English, and Selena’s crossover album was one that was on rotation all the time at our house and it was because she sings both in English and in Spanish. That was kind of my introduction to the English language. I’ve always been a huge Selena fan and to be able to cover her songs now is definitely an honor.”

“Hopefully, I do it justice.”

Von D’s cover of Selena’s song “Fotos y Recuerdos” was released on streaming platforms everywhere last Friday.

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