Denis Leary is known for his talent as a comedic actor, and Josh Segarra got to witness this first-hand while working on his new FOX comedy miniseries, The Moodys. 

The 33-year-old actor — who is known for his work on television series like Sirens and Arrow — raved about working with Leary on his new show, which is based on the Australian series A Moody Christmas and centers on an ornery Chicago couple (played by Leary and Elizabeth Perkins) who reunite with their three adult children during Christmas time. Segarra called the experience of reuniting with Leary — who he previously worked with on Sirens —  “incredible.”

“The Denis that we all know is hilarious,” said Segarra. “He can drop a quick, edgy joke at the drop of a dime.”

“He works hard, so getting to play with Dennis like this is always a treat,” he added after revealing that Leary was very caring about all of the cast and crew members on The Moodys and made sure that everyone was comfortable.


Segarra also revealed how much fun he had cracking jokes on the set of his new show, and how his friends told him they enjoyed the series because they saw how much pleasure he took out of working on it.

“My best buddy Ross who I grew up with called me yesterday, he FaceTimed me and he watched the first two episodes of The Moodys and he was like, ‘Dude I love this character because I see my boy having so much fun,'” said Segarra.

Segarra also revealed that, as much as he likes doing comedy, he would also one day like to play a serious character like a villain, because those types of characters are “fun in and of themselves.” The actor also said he likes performing on stage because he feels “vulnerable” and added he feels eternally blessed to work in the entertainment industry.

“Each character I get to play, you give me the ball and I’m going to run as fast as I can and hopefully not drop it,” said Segarra.

The Moodys, which also stars Jay Baruchel, Francois Arnaud and Kevin Bigley, premiered on Dec. 4. The finale aired on tonight on FOX.

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