In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Jorge Garcia divulged the story of his and Matthew Fox‘s strange interactions on the set of Lost.

“There was a period of time where Matt Fox and I were going through, I don’t know, we got into a habit of trying to get each other’s pants wet,” Garcia laughed. “In that scene, you get sprayed a lot because you need to look like you’re sweating during most of the time and that just started from there to shooting each others crotches with a spray bottle and it just escalated to where at one point apparently I crossed the line, I didn’t think at that time, I put ice cubes in his pockets on his home jeans and he’s like, ‘you crossed the line because we were only doing wardrobe but you did my pants that I was supposed to wear home. I’m driving home now in a towel because of this. I will exact revenge you won’t know when, but it will happen.'”

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