Jesus Revolution is the retelling of Pastor Greg Laurie‘s time in California during the 70s’ Jesus Movement. Joel Courtney plays Greg Laurie, Kelsey Grammer plays Chuck Smith and Anna Grace Barlow plays Kathy Laurie.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Courtney and Barlow reveal what it was like working with Grammer.


“I think every moment is a moment that you remember working with Kelsey,” Courtney began. “He is a legend like there are no two ways about it. He is so talented, he has been working so consistently, I mean, and just like a mind-boggling amount of time at such a high caliber of excellence that, I mean, working with him, it was kind of like unbelievable. It was unreal and like every day like going in just knowing like that was probably going to be some of my best work because he was on the other side of that scene with me was, I mean, just encouraging, um terrifying, and like amazing all wrapped up into one.”

Barlow went on to discuss what her scene with Grammer baptizing her character was like.

“I mean it was incredible and that scene specifically is probably the biggest moment I have with Kelsey in the movie,” she said. “I don’t really have a lot of scenes with him, but Kathy Laurie the real Kathy Laurie was there that day and she told me everything that was going through her head when she while she was being baptized and that was incredible to have that kind of subtext. So I remember having all those thoughts in my head fresh because she told them to me on the beach and then seeing Kelsey and the water was so cold and I literally felt like I was in this. Like sometimes they’re like, ‘oh we’re like doing the scene right now’ no, like it was we were totally, just completely in it. It was incredible.”

Jesus Revolution will be available in theaters on February 24.

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