Jim Sturgess has revealed why he really wanted to work on Home Before Dark, the new mystery series from Apple TV+.

The story follows a family that has recently left Brooklyn to move back to the father’s small hometown. Sturgess plays the father, whose mysterious past sparks one of his daughters’ interest.

“It’s really his middle daughter, played by Brooklynn Prince, Hilde, who is a young budding investigative journalist,” he explained. “She starts to look into why her dad is acting so strange, and what really happened in the town many many many years ago.”

Sturgess talked about how excited he was to work with Prince after seeing her in the A24 Drama The Florida Project.

“I remember thinking, ‘Wow that girl was incredible, she was amazing in that film, I would love to meet her and see if we could create a dynamic that would feel right as a father-daughter relationship,'” Sturgess told uInterview’s Erik Meers in an exclusive interview.

He explained that he was drawn to the role because he had never been a part of a father-daughter relationship in any other role before.

His favorite scenes to film? The breakfast scenes with the whole family.

“It feels very real,” said Sturgess. “We really feed off of each other. And because we spend so much time with each other now we really feel like we’ve created some sort of family of our own.”

The actor noted that he did a lot of research for the role, including reading books about child abduction, as his character’s childhood best friend was abducted, sparking the mystery. He and Prince were also “blessed” to meet the real-life Matt and Hilde, who lived the story that they show is based on.

“It was really interesting to watch the real dynamic between the real father-daughter relationship,” he said. “It was amazing really.”

Home Before Dark is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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