Jim Gaffigan and Antoine Olivier Pilon dissect their roles in the new crime drama, Most Wanted, and how they related to them in a new uInterview.

The movie is based on a true story of an innocent man (Pilon) who had been wrongly taken down by dirty cops as a powerful drug kingpin, and the investigative journalist who wanted to find out the truth about the case, and discover the real criminal mastermind (Gaffigan).

“It’s the type of movie that has entertainment value, but has some deep subtext,” Gaffigan told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “So, having talked to some people that have seen it a couple times, it is the type of movie that you’ll get something out of the second time – what I’m trying to do is convince people to watch the movie three times,” the actor joked.

“It’s three different stories that eventually gets all connected together,” Pilon added.

“My character Picker is a guy who really facilitates this con on both Antoine’s character and the police, so he’s really a two timing drug dealer,” Gaffigan said. The actor went on to mention the connection between the police in the movie and the criticism police have faced in the real world during recent protests.

“We’re in this age where we’re really looking at abuse of power and stuff like that, but I think what Daniel Roby, the director and writer of this, has really captured is that some of it is that there’s motivating factors that prompt people to make mistakes,” he said. “Whether it’s Antoine’s character or the police, that are just human ignorance or idiocy or ego.”

The actors went on to talk about how they got into character playing such “flawed” people.

Gaffigan, who described his character as “the only truly corrupt person” in the movie, said he loves playing an evil kingpin.

“If you play a nice person, who doesn’t have any kind of strange motivation, you’re relatively flat, a character without a lot dimension,” he said.

“You need to build that motivation through the logic and the mathematics of that character,” Gaffigan explained. “So it’s really fun, but it’s really the small mental work that I enjoy doing.”

Pilon took a different approach to his role: “Well, the first thing I did for my character was to get in touch with the real guy, whose name is Alain Olivier. I sat with him, I had a bunch of questions for him, he invited me to have a drink at a bar,” he said. His fellow actor laughed.

Most Wanted is available for rent on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV. Check out the trailer below.

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