Brian and Charleswhich was released in 2017 as a short film has been adapted into a full-length film. It follows the adventures of lonely inventor Brian who invents an artificially intelligent robot.

Director Jim Archer and produccer Rupert Majendie recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss working with David Earl, who plays Brian.


“David’s super fun to work with,” Archer said. “Collaborative. Down to earth. Just really open to anything. I can’t think of a favorite thing…”

“The scene when they were in the kitchen improvising,” Majendie cut in. “I remember that being really fun on the day because David really got the giggles. I think it’s only in the montage, but when Charles says, ‘Help me, I’m stuck in the loop,’ or whatever. We improvised the scene and it didn’t all make it. I remember really getting the giggles and David was in peices. I just love stuff like that. It’s nice there was a little moment in there.”

“Also, I’m just really impressed when David does the dramatic stuff,” Archer revealed. “He’s not particularly known for that, but he’s so good at it. I remember the first time we wanted him to do something emotional and I wasn’t sure where he could take it to and he was immediately tearing up and I was like, ‘Okay, wow. You’re incredible.”

Brian And Charles is now playing in theaters.

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