Jessie Ennis and David Hornsby reveal their favorite parts of Mythic Quest Season 2 in their new uInterview.

The comedy series follows a fictional gaming studio that has created a wildly successful online multiplayer game called Mythic Quest. Hornsby plays executive producer David Brittlesbee, and Ennis plays his assistant Jo.

“I think it’s fun because it’s a very specific world that we’re able to tell very specific stories,” said Hornsby told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “It doesn’t feel like they’ve been done before.”

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The show was created by Charlie Day, Megan Ganz and Rob McElhenney, who also stars in the show as Ian, the studio’s director.

Ennis said that her favorite episode from the upcoming season was directed by Ganz.

“It’s her directorial debut, and it was so exciting to get to watch her step into that position, and she did a really incredible job of blocking it out,” Ennis said. “We shot it kind of like a play or at least we rehearsed it like a play and it’s so fun. It’s just a really special episode.

“David has an incredible reveal in that episode that was nearly impossible to shoot because no one could keep it together and we kept having to go back and start over and he’s just hysterical in that episode,” she described. “And there were a lot of really creative ways that Megan approached shooting and so there’s this exchange between myself and Danny Pudi, where we shot it in this circular track so the cameras are turning around with us, and it was really specific how we had to hit lines at different points in the circle and that was just fun. I really love technical acting type of stuff.”

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