Jessica Barden revealed her favorite parts of working with Henry Winkler on Pink Skies Ahead in her new uInterview.

“Working with Henry was really funny,” Barden told uInterview’s Erik Meers. Winkler plays the doctor of Barden’s character, Winona.

“He will do something to make you laugh, but he will just carry on because like obviously he’s been an actor for 100 years in television, and like he started in front of like a live audience. So, he’s used to kind of like deliberately making people laugh or just like having to like ride through it,” she said.

“There was a shot that we were doing where he had to walk in like over tracks, you know the camera team like lay tracks for the camera to move on,” Barden started, “and he was continuously tripping over the track and I was like, ‘Bro like we can’t carry on doing the scene like you just like fell over like you just walked in the scene and like audibly fell as you were saying the line,”

“And also he did the magic trick from … Click,” she remembered. “He was doing that on set, like he just like pulled out this coin and was like, ‘Do you like magic?’ and I was like, ‘Who is this guy?'”

“But at the same time it was also really cool working with like him, and Michael [McKean] and Marcia [Gay Harden] because they were making the movie for their own reasons with anxiety, not necessarily because they had it themselves, but because they had kids or family members that had it,” she said. “And it was really cool talking to especially those three about it because they obviously are older than me and at no other point in your life would you really sit down and talk to somebody that’s like 70 about anxiety, and it struck me that that’s actually probably what we should be doing in life.”

Pink Skies Ahead premieres May 8 on MTV and Pop TV. Check out the trailer below:

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