Slumberkins, AppleTV+’s popular children’s show, emphasizes social-emotional learning through relatable stories and characters.

Jason Ritter, the son of the late actor John Ritter, who voices Fox’s dad, recently chatted with uInterview founder Erik Meers about what it was like being able to watch Slumberkins with his daughter.

“She’s really into it,” he revealed. “She doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to the fact that I’m one of the guys on there. She really likes the songs and she bonds a lot with the unicorn character. After an episode, she’ll take it in and then days later she’ll be like, ‘Remember when Sloth’s cupcake got ruined?’ like it’s something that happened to one of her friends, and I think that’s the lovely thing about it. The children characters are children. They sound young and it sounds like the people that she goes to preschool with. It feels familiar to her and it’s lovely. It’s lovely to hear her talk about these things and what you can do if you’re feeling sad when your friend’s feeling happy or visa versa.”

He also spoke about why he wanted to be involved in the show.

“I think the thing that attracted me to this show was it had all the makings of other children’s shows I enjoy – it’s fun, it’s beautiful to look at, it’s funny – but within these episodes are these beautiful little life lessons,” Ritter said. “I found as an adult even, I was getting helpful tools in emotion management and I think it’s important. It’s generally important for the world right now that we can manage our emotions and figure out why we’re feeling what we’re feeling and have little ways of getting out of some of those emotions that aren’t as fun as other ones.”

Slumberkins is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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