Jason Isaacs revealed new details about his upcoming movie Mass, which he called “the most powerful, emotional experience I’ve ever had making anything,” in his new uInterview.

“It’s a simple story,” he told uInterview Founder Erik Meers exclusively. “Two people whose child was killed in a school shooting meet up with the parents of the shooter years later. They’ve not been able to get beyond it. It’s ruined their relationship, it’s ruined their lives, and their therapist suggested it.”

“But what it’s really about is something that is so relevant today,” Isaacs explained, “it’s about getting over division. It’s about seeing other people as humans. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about not being weighed down by the baggage of the past.”

The movie premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on January 30. The festival is taking place virtually, which Isaacs saw as a plus, as it’s a way for this movie’s relevant message of unity to be seen by more people.

“It was the most extraordinary writing I’ve come across for a very, very long time,” he said. “Frankly, I was terrified to take the job.”

“I wasn’t sure that I was up to bring this thing to life cause there’s no exploding volcanoes to hide behind,” he said, referencing his other very different new movie, Skyfire.

“It’s just essentially a bunch of people ripping their hearts out at each other and with each other,” he said of Mass, “but the other actors in it, I’m weary of hype, but I felt like I was watching an acting masterclass, those three of them.” The movie also stars Emmy winners Martha Plimpton and Ann Dowd, as well as Tony Award winner Reed Birney.

“I had to pinch myself, and remind myself that I was also in the scene, and sometimes there were cameras pointed at me,” the actor joked, “because I’ve never seen anything as truthful or as unprotected as what I saw unfolding from the actors and actresses in front of me.”

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