Jann Arden revealed why she wanted to beat up Sarah McLachlan on her show Jann.

“I just wanted to fight Sarah McLachlan,” Arden told uInterview Founder Erik Meers matter of factly. “Sarah and I have known each other for 25 years, and Canada is a huge country, but there’s not a lot of us up here. We’re like the crazy aunt that lives in your attic, that’s what Canada is to you guys.”

“And Sarah is super funny. So I called her up, I said, ‘Listen this is what I’m thinking for the show. I’m thinking you and I have to have like a fight over something ridiculous.”

“In Season 1 the premise was that I was going off to open for Sarah McLachlan on something called Burning Woman, which is kind of a rip off of her Lilith Fair. And she was so good about that right, we had her giant head on a bus, she laughed her ass off, she was like, ‘Oh my God where did you find that picture?’ Photoshop,” Arden said. “So first episode of Season 2, I’m back off of the tour, which hasn’t gone well, but Sarah comes to me to retrieve something she believes that I have stolen from her that has basically taken her mojo and everything starts going wrong for her.”

“So she shows up at my sister’s home, I don’t know how she knows that I’m there, and we literally have a physical bitch fight in the front yard. And it is so funny we died.”

“I mean at one point I’m slapping her bum, and I had a lot satisfaction in that,” she said laughing.

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