Actress Jaclyn Smith, best known for her iconic role as Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels, recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss how she got her start on the show for our Icon Interview series.

“I had done Switch with Robert Wagner and Eddie Albert and I had a semi-regular role and oddly enough, RJ had an interest in Charlie’s Angels and Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts who were the producers of hour pilot said we like the girl on Switch, even though they wanted a redhead because it was to be a blonde, a brunette and a redhead thinking it covered all the bases and women in the world which was a little crazy,” Smith said describing how she ended up being cast. “Even though I didn’t have red hair, I got the part. I went in a read among a lot of other actresses, not giving particularly the best reading of my career. They had seen Switch and said, ‘This is the girl,’ and that’s how I got it.”

Smith also revealed the moment she looks back on most from the show.

“I think the ‘Angels in Chains’ in the first season where we were all chained together,” the actress shared. “We couldn’t fluff our hair or put on lipstick. We were just there and the show went really quickly because no one could run to the motorhome. We were just such good friends and we knew at that point we had a hit show, and I think a hit show is rare. You don’t always find a show that hits like Charlie’s, that has that kind of share. ‘Angels and Chains’ was pretty amazing. It had Kim Basinger and James Woods. It had a huge cast of pretty amazing people.”

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