Actress Jaclyn Smith, best known for her iconic role as Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels, recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss how she started her fashion, wig and health lines.


When first offered the opportunity by Kmart to open her own fashion line, Smith said no as she had never shopped at the store. Kmart invited her to visit and to look at the lines they had. She was amazed at the lines they could produce at such a low price point.

“So I thought long and hard, I took it on, 35-36 years later, here I am,” she said. “Now I’m designing another line. And it couldn’t have been a more wise decision. I learned so much, it was an education. I learned about the mass market. I was able to give back to all those people who had supported me because my clothes have always been about quality and value so you don’t have to spend a fortune.”

Her fashion line can now be found at Nordstrom Rack.

As a breast cancer survivor, Smith had seen women lose their hair from the chemo, and it made her think about the loss of femininity and the need for wigs.

“Wigs can be a necessity for a person with alopecia or a person going through chemo or it can be a fashion statement—a change, you know, an enhancement to your own looks to try a different color or different style so when they approached me I thought wigs were important,” Smith noted. “I’d love to do it.”

Smith’s skincare line started with her husband, Brad Allen, looking at the products she was using and breaking down and enhancing the ingredients.

“He continues to make it better and better. I love it,” she said. “He’s very smart, so I do like working with him. He’ll go into it, like sometimes I cut to the chase and he’s like no, we have to go on and on. I learn from him. He’s a born teacher… He’s still teaching and pushing the envelope in medicine, which is our future.”

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