Actress Jaclyn Smith, best known for her legendary role as Kelly Garrett on Charlie’s Angels, recently sat down for a conversation with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss what went through her mind as she prepared to play Jackie Kennedy in 1981’s Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.


“It was very daunting at first because she was so familiar pictorially to us and we heard her voice,” Smith said. “I love history and it’s my favorite role of all because I admired her. I admired the way she ran her life. I admired her as a mother. I admired her later when she worked when she didn’t have to work. She got out and made a difference and continued to go in new directions as an editor for Double Day and bringing in books.”

“She was just the everything woman,” Smith continued. “She was a mother. She was a wife, she was a writer. She lived life and she still had her mystery. She wasn’t all in our faces, we had to respect her. It was daunting because I’m a Texas girl. She had a New England accent. I had a dialect coach and had to learn to drop my Rs. At first, they said, ‘No, Charlie’s Angels is not going to do.’ I did a pictorial test, not an acting test and I was able to play her very young by letting my hair go curly and parting it on the side and that got me the role because I could play her at all ages.”

Smith also revealed how she felt about the Charlie’s Angels remakes.

“Well, I will say Drew [Barrymore]’s take on Charlie‘s was perfect. It had an essence and it had the heartbeat of the show. The last movie that Elizabeth Banks did, what was against it is you do need to evolve. She did take it to another level. It just did not have the essence of what our show was. The heartbeat of our show was the girls. They all had to get to know each other and they weren’t bonded like we were.”

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