Trish Jetton recently sat down with uInterview to talk about the release of her band Hirie’s new album, Dreamer, and its upcoming tour.

The album, which took three years to make, will be released in September with 11 tracks.

Jettson revealed that the latest album really allowed “a lot of vulnerability to shine through,” touching on mental health. The lead singer has mentioned on stage before that she is bipolar and that she “wants to be a wave of change” to allow the conversation of mental illness to be more open.

She noted that she wants her music to highlight “what the human experience is.”

Following the release of the band’s new album, they have recently announced that they will be going on tour with RDGLDGRN, Kash’d Out and Tunnel Vision for two months.


The tour will start on October 12 and will end on November 23.

Full interview transcript below:

Q: What’s your new album called?

So the album’s called Dreamer. It’s taken us three years to write this album and produce it and I was really excited about it. I tried to write in a way that would try to affect people on many different layers. I feel like it was ambitious in that sense that I had to really kind of peel back my own and allow a lot of vulnerability to shine through. As far as musical influences, the session musicians we had that played my band members horn section, all of that really played a really crucial role in making this kind of sound unique, and reggae, but eclectic and different at the same time.

I kind of touched on mental health. I say it on stage, I’m bipolar, and it’s important to me that I wear these things like I’m proud of them, because I think in our society we suppress a lot of our faults and so I want to be a wave of change, along with everybody else that’s trying to bring awareness to these things. So I talked about it in some songs. I’m talking about how happy I am and then other songs maybe a little more on the darker side, but still highlighting just what it is, what the human experience is.

Q: Do you have a favorite track from your new album?

I love “Better As Is” I feel like that one’s really different. We have a scaw tune called “G’wan Boy.” A really kind of dark, moody, slow, tempo song called “Frida Khalo,” which was very like divine timing in the way that it was written and I think those songs are a lot deeper than some of the things I’ve written in the past, I’m really happy about that.

Q: Will you be touring for the album?

So we just announced our fall tour a couple of days ago, so our first nationwide headlining tour alongside RDGLDGRN, they’re from the east coast, Tunnel vision and Kash’d Out. I believe it’s a two-month tour so we’re really excited to get back out there.



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