Mr. Mom was originally a beloved 1983 comedy film that starred Michael Keaton as a recently fired auto engineer who ends up becoming a stay-at-home father for his three children after his wife lands a new job.

The film has now been remade as a television series starring comedian Hayes MacArthur (Angie Tribeca) and Andrea Anders (Better Off Ted) and is set in the present day. Hayes portrays the stay-at-home dad Greg, while Anders plays the now-working wife Megan. The show’s stars discussed their characters, how the series compares to the original movie and more in an exclusive discussion with uInterview.

“The best thing about the original was it set up this really relatable premise about a couple that’s changing roles in the middle of having these young kids,” said MacArthur. “So to see Michael Keaton and Teri Garr do this however many years ago the movie was, they were just so likable and brought so much life to this story that I think it’s a [big] reason we got to make it today.”

Anders noted that, unsurprisingly, many of the major differences between the original film and the television series revolve around jokes and situations related to technological advances.

“Megan’s challenge now is going back into the workforce with a completely different generation, with these millennials and with technology being updated,” said Anders. “One of the scenes we shot, Megan goes to work and has to check in with the receptionist, who happens to be an iPad.”

Anders added that this situation also happened to her in real life just weeks after shooting this scene.

“It’s a real thing,” she said.

MacArthur added he hopes parents can watch Mr. Mom with their children and relate to the situations portrayed in the series, while Anders drew from her own life experiences as a mother to compare her struggles and successes to her character’s.

“I noticed after I became a mom the things that I felt victorious [about]. I was like, ‘I got a shower! I did it!'” she said, laughing. “It’s like all day, every day you’re feeling so good about yourself and all you can think is ‘I just gotta do it again tomorrow.'”

Anders also revealed how flustered she felt on the first day of shooting. The actress said she initially struggled to pretend to be married to MacArthur’s character for 10 years after having just met him on the set.

“It worked out, because I’m amazing,” she quipped.

Mr. Mom is now streaming on Vudu.

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