Greta Lee revealed the advice Reese Witherspoon gave her on Apple TV+’s The Morning Show in her new uInterview.

Lee plays Stella Bak, the new “wunderkind” president of news at UBA.

“She’s drawing from her previous experience of having run this online media company that was mostly catering to Gen Z and Millennials, and now she’s tasked with coming into UBA, which is a very different corporate environment, and possibly rehabilitating the workplace and its toxicity and its inequities,” Lee told uInterview exclusively. “Both gender and race, and also generational inequities.”

According to Lee, there is an “athleticism to the show” and described the vibe on set as “a treadmill set at a level 10 that you’re just dropped on and you better start sprinting.”

The show’s stars include Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Billy Crudup.

“These are people that I’ve admired and loved for so long,” Lee said. “And to come onto this show that is a beloved and fully established show and to play this character that is like directly at odds with all of them, I mean that was a real trip to try to figure out every day at work.”

The actress said she doesn’t “take it lightly,” working with Witherspoon and Aniston.

“I don’t take it for granted,” she said. “It matters. It matters to have better representation, whether it’s gender or race, and you can feel the quality of the environment and what kind of place it is to work, having people like Jen and Reese. And I think that’s something — that was a good lesson learned for me in doing this. And I hope that it really just is the beginning of having more women in power.”

Lee remembered a piece of advice Witherspoon gave her: “I think I’ve joked with Reese about like, ‘Ok,’ in conversations about stamina, you know, like ‘Is this when I have to become vegan? Do I need to like start a new kind of like exercise regime?’ And the answers are always no! You just do you and continue to show up as yourself and do the best you can in the time you’re given, which I think is the best advice.”

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