Fall follows two best friends who find themselves stuck on an abandoned 2,000-foot communication tower.

Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner recently sat down for an exclusive with uInterview founder Erik Meers to talk about the days they spent filming on the side of a real 100-foot tower during filming.

“It was not green screen at all,” Gardner revealed. “It was a 100-foot tower that was built on top of a 2000-foot mountain and it was all practical. We did the stunts. Everything you see was real, we were doing it.”

Currey also shared how the reality of being outside on a real tower affected filming.

“The wild thing is when you’re on a sound stage and you’re in a studio, you don’t have the weather to battle and you don’t have bee infestations, flying ant infestations, rainstorms, thunderstorms … We had all of them!” she said.

“And the lovely mice that would visit us at night on our bags. That was just … so special,” she added with a laugh.

Both actresses had a minimal climbing experience when they booked their roles. While they had bouldered indoors before as a hobby, they had to face some fears as they filmed Fall.

“There was an element of having fear, but overcoming it mentally,” Currey said. “There were definitely moments of feeling uncomfortable and a little scared. We both were looking at each other just pushing through the whole time.”

“We had no choice but to overcome our fears,” Gardner added. “Both of us are now looking forward to doing it again on another project because we had some much fun! We never thought we’d be capable of it.”

Fall premieres in theaters on August 12.

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