Self Reliance follows the story of Tommy (Jake Johnson) who enters a contest to win a million dollars if he can evade bounty hunters. He learns a loophole where the hunters can only kill him if he is alone so he tries to get his friends and family to never leave his side. Anna Kendrick and Andy Samberg also star in the film.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Emily Hampshire discussed the likelihood of her winning a death game like in the movie.

“Oh, maybe I would lose because the whole crux of it is you can’t be alone and I like to be alone a lot,” she said. “I like small spaces and being alone, so yeah. I also kind of would be like – $1 million today after you get taxes and all that stuff, I don’t know that it’s worth it.”

Hampshire also revealed her favorite scene from Schitt’s Creek.

“I mean for me the Cabaret episode was a dream come true, but like the bigger dream that I had for myself, I’d always wanted to play Sally Bowles,” she said. “I’d even said it in the press before and then when I was given the opportunity to play Sally as Stevie and sing ‘Maybe This Time,’ which to do it as Stevie is the better version of that song. Like that song is about maybe this time I’ll get some man and he’ll help me be great and for Stevie, it was like maybe this time I’ll be great and I love that.”

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