Ellen Hollman revealed her favorite parts of starring in and co-creating the new action movie Army of One.

“This is not just your run of the mill revenge story,” Hollman told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “This is a revenge love story that is carried by a woman, so there are certain elements of it that do stand out on the page.”

“So, our story begins with Brenner Baker played by yours truly, Ellen Hollman, and her husband, Dillion, played by Matt Passmore,” and we’re just going out to the woods, just going out camping, getting away from the harrowing day-to-day humdrum of work. And lo and behold, we come across a cabin to shield ourselves from the rain and turns out, well, it’s a hub for a drug and weapon cartel. One thing leads to another and my husband meets an untimely demise, and instead of going to the authorities or rolling over and accepting it, your lead protagonist Brenner Baker goes on a revenge filled murder spree.”

Hollman said the most interesting part of the movie is how her character goes about getting her revenge: “She does it in a very clever, sneaky, and yes, aggressive way.”

Hollman explained that she enjoys the challenge of playing an action hero. “It’s one thing to be able to show up on your mark and cry on cue, but if you can do it while throwing a guy over your head, I think that’s even more interesting,” she said.

She revealed that the movie is not only unique because it shows a female protagonist getting revenge in a such a direct and violent way, but because the entire cast did their own stunts.

“Hi, my name is Ellen Hollman, I am a jiu-jitsu addict,” she joked, explaining that her background in martial arts helped her in her training for the film. “I’ve also had the honor to train alongside my husband Stephen Dunlevy,” she said, adding that she also worked with her husband’s stunt team 87eleven. “So I’ve learned many tricks of the trade that were incorporated on screen. Particularly a oner that we’re very proud of.”

“There’s two separate sequences, [Dunlevy’s] like ‘What if we shot this as a oner?'” she said. “I’m like ‘You’re insane! We have no budget and we have no time. What are you thinking? Except for the fact that I love it’ So yeah we managed to pull it off.” She later added that the cast and crew were able to get the shot on the first take, “I couldn’t believe it, I’m like ‘Did we really, did we really pull this off?'”

But, Hollman admitted that one of her favorite scenes had nothing to do with action and stunts. “When she loses her husband that is for anyone who’s suffered loss, and there is a lot loss that’s happening right now in the world. That’s something that emotionally I think many can empathize with, just the concept of loss, the experience of loss.”

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