Ellen Hollman revealed her favorite moment of being a part of the “cinematic history” that is the upcoming movie The Matrix 4.

“I still remember seeing that opening sequence of Matrix and I had never seen anything like that before. I’m like, ‘this is going to be part of history,’ and to be a part of that franchise, like where do I go from here?” the actress told uInterview Founder Erik Meers.

“And on another level of that is I got to collaborate with my husband,” Hollman said. “So, he was part of the rigging design team, he was actually a key rigger on the San Francisco segment, and it was the 87eleven action design team. So this is my family, so to be over in San Francisco and Berlin with my family, it just felt right. There’s nothing about it that felt like, ‘Oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m here.” It was like, “S–t yeah I deserve to be here!” Like this is my family, I speak their language, they speak my language. Like it just fit.”

Her final takeaway: “Sometimes when you work on a production magic happens.”

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