Director and writer Eleanor Coppola discusses the meaning behind her film Love Is Love Is Love in her new uInterview.

Coppola told uInterview Founder Erik Meers that the movie started from one “very small idea to make one little short film.”

“The first one was based on a few years ago, I was interviewing an actor in Canada and this was we were working over Skype,” she described, “and we were talking to each other, and he was telling me about somebody on location there that was dating his wife on Friday nights over Skype and I thought that was such a curious idea, an amusing idea, so I wrote this short piece and of course it resonated with people, myself, and people I know who’ve had family away on locations and so forth, so it’s familiar territory to me, so I wrote this story. I finished it way before Covid … it still seems relevant.”

“I’m basically a documentarian,” the director said, “that’s my sort of natural direction and so I always base these fictional pieces on something that I’m familiar with, or experienced, or know someone that’s experienced that. And then I have the freedom to embroider on that, to add fantastic whatever, to develop it, to evolve it.”

The film eventually evolved from one story to three, and although the stories do not have a direct connection, they all feature the same theme.

“Each one is really speaking to some form of love, you know, long-distance, love over a long period of time, love among friends. That theme of love just kept being visible sort of throughout each of the pieces so we just ended up saying well okay we’re gonna call it ‘Love Is Love Is Love‘ as a kind of glue to hold those three pieces together which were quite disparate.”

“Most challenging to write and to direct is the longer piece, ‘The Late Lunch,’ because it sort of had more concepts, more emotional stories, more just more was going on and required more actors so altogether that was a more challenging piece, but also may be more rewarding, or rewarding in a different way.”

Check out the trailer for Love Is Love Is Love below. The film is in theaters in L.A. and New York City and available on-demand on Dec. 14.

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