In Mack & Rita, 30-year-old writer Mack finds that she has been magically transformed into her 70-year-old self during a wild weekend in Palm Springs.

Elizabeth Lail, who plays Mack, and Dustin Milligan, who plays Jack, recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss what it was like working with the legendary Diane Keaton, who plays the 70-year-old Mack.

“The whole thing is so surreal,” Milligan (Schmidt’s Creek) shared. “I think all of us were truly blown away that this got to be our lives for a month and a half, or however long we were shooting for. It was such a strange thing to be presented with, ‘Hey, would you want to work on this movie opposite Diane Keaton?’ That surreal aspect of it carried through all the way up to the point of the first scene I had with her. I was seated at a table in Califonia Pizza Kitchen and she walked in and was wearing the full ‘what you’d expect Diane Keaton outfit’ [to be] – this white flowy pantsuit and a wide-brimmed white hat. It was such an incredible picture of exactly what you’d expect her to be like, but then as soon as she spoke, she was instantly joking around and very self-deprecating and outwardly deprecating toward me trying to build this rapport, kind of flirty banter, between the two of us. I was immediately put at ease and we sat down and ate some pizza together.”

Lail, who played the younger version of Keaton’s character, shared the advice Keaton gave her.

“I think she said ‘Good Luck!'” Lail revealed laughingly. “It was just very surreal where I’m in the same costume, I’m looking at Diane, I’m giving her the belt, we’re sharing outfits and accessories at the very least … It was a privilege. We were all just bursting with gratitute to be there.”

Mack & Rita is playing in theaters now.

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