Double Cross stars Jeff Logan and Ashley A. Williams opened up about the pressure of showing off their bodies on camera.

Both stars enjoy fitness and work out together, but had different views about the pressure of showing skin on television.

“I think subconsciously you know you want to look good on camera. I think Jeff and I enjoy working out in real life, so our bodies are the way they are coming into season one,” she said. “As far as feeling pressure to keep it up I don’t think it’s a huge thing, at least for me, that bothers me because fitness is just something I love in general so I think my bodies always going to be able to maintain a certain physique.”

Logan on the other hand feels very different about his body being seen on camera.

“I obsess over it like a f—ng mad man,” he said. “I set a deadline and I diet for it, I’m like I have to look better than I did this scene, and I have to look better, my face has to be defined, everything has to be defined and if I’m going to maintain a standard of sex appeal then I have to maintain this.”

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