Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth discussed their “instant” chemistry while filming Birds of Paradise in their new uInterview.

“I play Kate,” Silvers told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “Kate is the newcomer, she’s the new girl in town. She starts off as a very ambitious, genuine and moral person, who genuinely just wants to be the best, win the prize and continue on with her life, but upon meeting Em [Froseth] she realizes things are not that simple and life is not that easy and straight forward.”

“The first time we ever met she helped me with my arms right away, so I was like ‘Oh, this girl knows what’s up! And she’s already training!'” Froseth remembered. “And she was so supportive and helpful and I mean we had three months where we were training and throughout I kept reaching out to Diana like freaking out over not how to go about any of this. And then we got to Budapest and we had amazing conversations with [Director] Sarah [Adina Smith]. But like we always had like our own thing.”

Silvers agreed: “Yeah, it was easy, I mean, it was instant. I feel like I don’t know chemistry is one of those things you feel, you know, and we instantly had chemistry and we instantly bonded and like I felt really safe and comfortable with Kristine and I trusted you. It was just very, very easy.”

The pair fondly recalled trying on their tutus for the first time during their first camera test.

“We like really felt like dancers in that moment,” Silvers said.

“We trained so hard up until then and then we finally got the reward of putting on our first tutu,” Froseth said, and we zipped each other up. Yeah, that was special.”

Birds of Paradise is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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