In the film Jamojaya, we follow Indonesian rapper, James (Rich Brian) as he tries to expand his career in the U.S. while not damaging the relationship with his father and former manager (Yayu Unru). In the film, Darren Darnborough plays James’ album photographer.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at the Sundance premiere, Darnborough revealed his favorite moments when working with Brian.


“So we shot in Hawaii right and the most grand moment was actually – Hawaii’s very small, it’s still a million people but when you live there, I lived there for a year, and when you live there you get to know people in the cultures,” he began. “And the most brilliant moment was when we just randomly ran into him [Brian]. Me and my friend had decided to go up north to a food truck that we wanted to see, a shrimp food truck, and we ran into Brian and a couple of other people. It was just this nice serendipitous moment where we’re eating shrimp and watching a rainbow, having made the movie. And it was like beautiful, you know because we’ve done our work, I think he just done his last day and it was just a lovely moment because Brian – I met Brian on the movie obviously, I didn’t know him before- he’s a lovely human being and he’s such a talented guy and just having that moment offset connected with some shrimp watching a rainbow sunset.”

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