Comedian Josh Wolf, known for his appearances on E!’s defunct late-night talk show Chelsea Lately and for hosting Shark Week, will be performing at the Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan on June 21 and 22.


Wolf opened up to uInterview on how he plans his shows. “I always come up with new material,” he said. “I try not to repeat. I don’t really get into that [political] stuff. People come to my show, and they have fun. I don’t really get into anything too deep, it’s just silly and ridiculous.”

While visiting Manhattan, Wolf isn’t opposed to doing some research. “I like to do things I wouldn’t normally do in other cities,” he observed. That includes being “overly friendly” to people, which resulted in one woman saying “don’t f—— talk to me” when Wolf had only said “hello.”

The comedian loves doing his show, Control Chaos, which aires live every Tuesday night on his Facebook page. “It’s the fastest hour of entertainment you will ever watch and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything,” he said.


Full Transcript:

Q: How does your attitude change when you’re in New York City?

A: So when I’m in New York, I like to do things that I wouldn’t do in other cities. I’m overly friendly here, overly. Like I always hold doors. There are three things in the past and I always escalate my friendliness. So the first time, what I thought I’d do is say hello and make eye contact with as many people as I can. That did not go over that well. One woman said “dont f—– talk to me,” which was great, I thought, job done. Second time, I’m gonna escalate it. So I get into an elevator, just me and this dude. I had hit 19 and he had hit 26 and we’re going up, and he had stood in the far left hand corner and it was just he and I in the elevator, and I didn’t stand super close to him but I stood in the middle of the elevator which is against elevator adequate, right? And so we get in and I said to him, “how you doing?” and he kinda paused, but he didn’t look up to me and said “cool.” So we get to my floor and pinging the door opens and I don’t get out, and he says “this is your floor.” And I said “I’m gonna ride up with you” and he holds the door open and says “the f— you are, this is your floor.” Then the last time I was here I was down in Times Square around 5:30 on a Friday and I was walking around and I would walk down the sidewalk looking up at the buildings going really slowly like Mary Tyler Moore just kinda looking up at the buildings and people are mad, their running by and I hear this one woman, this Hispanic woman that I was walking past and she goes “ptss hey” and I go “yea” and she looks at me and goes “are you retarded?” and I go “what?” and she goes “are you retarded?” and Igo “no why” and she says “are you sure?” and I go “yeah.” And she’s like “then why the f— are you walking like that? You don’t need help?” And I go “no I don’t need help” and she goes “well you’re gonna if you keep walking like that.” So this time in New York I’ve decided what I’m gonna do, I gotta take it one step. I like doing different things in different cities to make people a little uncomfortable, it makes me super happy. One of the reasons why I do things like that in different cities is because I’m a storyteller, I can’t sit on the sidelines and watch, I gotta participate to get my stories. So it really is like a great thing because I do go out and do weird fun sh– and I do that not only to make my days fun but to actually provide material for my act. Like when I was in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, I have a terrible fear of heights, that’s my biggest fear but I wanted to try to conquer it but I knew it was gonna be a great story so I jumped off one of those needles, it was 972 feet in the air.

Q: Will your show feature new material?

A: I always come up with new material. I try not to repeat, the only repeat, there’s a story that’s online that is 10-minutes long but when I tell it on stage it’s 20 minutes long, so it’s like a new story and because it’s a story about my best practical joke and it’s a story people always wanna hear when they come, so I finally allowed, my friend who I pulled the joke on finally allowed me to tell the whole story, so it’s like 10 mins of the same material and 55 of new. But it’s all stories, I’m kinda a long-form story guy. You don’t have to tell me to talk, you have to tell me to shut the f— up and that’s kinda how my shows are too, long stories about my life and weird sh–, no politics, I don’t really get into that stuff. People come to my show and they have fun. I don’t really get into anything too deep, it’s just silly, ridiculous, turn your brain off for an hour and a half of just ridiculous fun.

Q: What topics are you covering on your Facebook show?

A: We do a talk show every Tuesday night on my Facebook fan page called Controlled Chaos and it’s just like if at midnight at Pewee’s Playhouse. It’s all silly fun, no politics, you know it’s a live show so I take a lot of questions from the people watching and also on my Facebook fan page. There are questions like, over the last two weeks there’s been a couple. Two of my favorite ones were “who has a better sock drawer, Elijah Wood or Macauley Caulkin” which had a lot of heated conversation. I went to Macauley Caulkin, but most people went to Elijah Wood. There were two other ones, who are more likely to wear a turtleneck on a first date, Tom Cruise or John Lithgow, it was also right down the middle. And the most recent one with the biggest debate was “who’s had a better career? Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock?” so it’s just fun and it’s three comics and we answer weird questions and we have fun and there’s always a weird guest, a surprise guest that I don’t know and they come and they’re trying out a new character and I have to interview that character and it adds a little discourse, they sit on the couch and my son is a cohost, I have a piano player as a cohost. It is the fastest hour of entertainment you will ever watch, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything

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