Comedian Josh Wolf, who is best known for regularly appearing on the round table of the now-defunct E! late night talk show Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler — told uInterview exclusively about his experience working with his famous fellow comic.

“One of my favorite things that she would do — and she and I are similar in this — she loves playing practical jokes,” said Wolf of Handler. “Here’s what I love about her practical jokes. One, she doesn’t need to be there to see it happen, I’m the same way. I grew up with three older brothers, so just as long as you know what happened, you’re good. Two, she doesn’t mind playing the long game. She’ll let a joke play and play and she’ll wait for the right time. I love all that stuff.”

Wolf went on to reveal that leaving one’s computer unlocked could prove dangerous around Handler, as she could often be tempted to write a damaging email to the Human Resources department as a practical joke.


The comedian also confessed to one of his favorite crude pranks he enjoyed pulling in his early years in comedy.

“One of my favorite things to do to people in the office because it grossed them out was I would rub my nuts on things,” said Wolf. “There was a guy named Brad Wollack who was on [Chelsea Lately], we had a writers’ meeting one day and I told Chelsea, I said, ‘You know, he loves that bagel, he eats [it] every morning. And he toasts it. I just need you to get him out of the writers’ room for five minutes and I’ll rub my nuts on the bagel and we’re gonna have him eat it.'”

“And she was like, ‘Great!’ It’s online, you can find it on YouTube.”

Wolf couldn’t help but chuckle upon recalling the incident, and explained it was especially funny because Wollack was a germaphobe.

Wolf noted he would have been much less likely to get away with such a prank in today’s day and age when hundreds of victims of sexual harassment have come forward to tell how they were mistreated.

“Is it ‘Me too’ if I do it to a dude? I don’t know,” Wolf asked before bursting out laughing.

Wolf ultimately said he believed those types of practical jokes were acceptable in his workplace because he and his co-workers all felt like “family” who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable because of them.

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