It’s quickly becoming the show of the summer.

The Summer I Turned Prettywhich is the newest film adaptation from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before‘s Jenny Han, follows 16-year-old Isabel “Belly” Conklin, played by Lola Tung, as she heads to Cousins Beach with her family, to spend the summer with their family friends, the Fishers. She navigates the transition from being a girl to womanhood in the summer of her life.

Christopher Briney [Conrad Fisher], Gavin Casalegno [Jeremiah Fisher] and Sean Kaufman [Steven Conklin] recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discussed some of their favorite scenes from The Summer I Turned Pretty.

“In the first couple of episodes, the most affecting scene for me was after Steven cheats on Shayla with Taylor and Belly confronts him outside of the pool,” Kaufman revealed. “That was a very grounded scene for myself. And Lola — unbelievably talented! She’s amazing. She makes everything so easy, especially acting alongside her.”

“I would have to say that one of my favorite scenes is the dinner table scene for [Lola’s] birthday,” Casalegno added. “With Cam Cameron and Belly and the whole family together … you can just really tell about everyone’s relationship and rapport. It was so cool to explore, like yeah I’m sitting accross the table from Taylor over there and we have our own relationship and we’re shooting each other looks. Then I’m sittting over here looking at Belly or Cameron and it was just such a beautiful mix of exploring like 12 different relationships at one time.”

Briney revealed a scene that he had to work through as an actor to better understand how to portray his character.

“Something that was really important when we were shooting it is when Conrad decides not to give Belly her birthday present because when I was doing the work for that, I was like, “What? You have it in your pocket, just give it to her!” and then justifying it through the character and trying to understand why he feels ike he really can’t,” he said. “I think overcoming that obstacle was important to moving forward.”

The Summer I Turned Pretty is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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