Based on creator Shea Serrano‘s life, Primo follows the story of young Rafa (Ignacio Diaz-Silverio) as he navigates life with his single mother Drea (Christina Vidal) and his five uncles.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview founder Erik Meers, Diaz-Silverio and Vidal discussed the message behind the show.

“I think part of what the show has to say about family is just really, at least in my experience, like a universal truth which is that we don’t always know how to express our love for each other in the the most useful of ways or the best of ways, but that’s what is just inherently in all of the chaos, you know, even in the fighting, in the arguing, in the punching each other, tackling each other, pulling pranks on each other the bickering, that’s all an expression,” he said. “I think you can pick any character from the show from the family and every single one of them would literally, you know, like take a bullet for any other family member in the show I think that’s the kind of love like that his family has.”

“I think it shows that a family is about leaning on each other,” Vidal continued. “Family is about learning how to be there for each other, love each other, but put certain boundaries in place that are necessary. I feel like Drea is always trying to find that line with her brothers and with her son because she wants to shield him from the things that, you know, are maybe not so good for him to pick up on while also encouraging him to embrace his roots and to take advantage of the people that love him and care about him and would do anything for him.”

Season one of Primo will be available for streaming on Amazon Freevee on May 19.

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