Chopra Gotham, director of the new Apple TV+ series Greatness Code, revealed the most shocking details from interviews with some of the most famous athletes in the world, including LeBron James, Tom Brady and Alex Morgan.

The series aims to show the untold stories of the world’s greatest athletes, and Chopra said that the most surprising stories sprout from the little details that the athletes remember, even though fans may not.

“This is something as a sports fan I’ve always sort of been curious about,”  Chopra told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “Which is okay, as a fan I remember this game, but I want to know: What do you think of as your most memorable experience?”

The most surprising interviews, Chopra said, stem from that question.

“Consistently actually it was that. You know LeBron James it wasn’t coming back to Cleveland and winning the NBA finals, Tom Brady it wasn’t the 28-3 comeback. For Alex Morgan it wasn’t winning the world cup, it was these fairly obscure stories that meant something to them. So that was really fun,” the director said.

“And then also the paradox of, okay like LeBron does choose a game I think he scores 45 points, 15 rebounds, 9 assists, but the experience that he talks about internally, is silence, he says, ‘I’ve done nothing,’ just that absence of action,” explained Chopra. “So, outwardly you’re seeing, you can go find the tape, you can see this incredible performance, you know he’s doing it in the Boston Garden … it’s like behind enemy lines, so it’s noisy, it’s crazy, but for him it’s almost like this spiritual experience.”

Chopra noted that he could see a difference between the struggles male and female athletes faced. Male athletes spoke about the pressure they felt to perform later in their career, while female athletes described the struggle they felt starting their career when no one knew who they were.

“For a lot of the male athletes they talked about the weight of expectation, the scrutiny, the noise that they hear. So a lot of them are talking about later in their careers,” said Chopra. “Shaun White talks about the Olympic trial, and going, and just knowing everywhere he goes, at this point of his career, he knows everyone just expects him to show up and win. He knows like the work that has to go in, like you have to perform in that moment. So I think that sets some expectations.

“And then the two women that are featured in the series, Katie Ledecky and Alex Morgan, they both talk about experiences very early in their careers, where no one really knew who they were. Katie Ledecky was 15 years old. She does talk about the 2012 Olympics, so obviously the stage is enormous, but she says you know, she was 15, no one expected her to do anything.”

“So I think there’s a sort of interesting thread in terms of the spirit or the moment in time that a lot of these athletes talk about and the backstory before it,” said Chopra.

Greatness Code is available now on Apple TV+.

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