Brittany O’Grady revealed what she learned from Sara Bareilles while working on the new Apple TV+ show Little Voice.

The series follows Bess, played by O’Grady, who is a singer-songwriter trying to make it in New York City, alongside all of her friends.

“Music is a huge part of the character Bess, so Sara was the one who created that importance and the stakes of what it’s like to be a singer songwriter,” said O’Grady. “And how much it means to Bess to have interactions when it comes to making decisions about her music whether it’s connecting to the lyrics.”

But, O’Grady said Bareilles wasn’t the only person to help shape Bess’ character: “And then Jessie Nelson, who wrote the show and also wrote Waitress with Sara, she really helped me understand the stakes and the emotional connections to the character.”

O’Grady also talked about the challenge of starring in a show where you act and sing.

“Working on music shows, there’s multiple elements,” explained the actress. “So you have to put as much effort that you put into your scenes and your character and also put that into the music. And that’s something that I had a little bit of preparation from being on a series that was a music show before going on to Little Voice,” she said referring to her time on Star.

“And Sara is such a kind person, and she’s hardworking, so we really just hit the ground running and I just wanted to make it as good as I possibly could, and Sara was someone I definitely trusted.”

On the acting side of things, O’Grady picked out a scene she filmed with her character’s father, saying “emotionally it was difficult.”

“And even looking back, I don’t know if I’ve had a scene where I look back and I have tears come to my eyes almost every time,” she said.

You can catch Season 1 of Little Voice streaming on Apple TV+. Check out the trailer below.

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