Champion boxer Kali Reis and writer and director Josef Kubota Wladyka discussed the backstory behind their film Catch The Fair One in their new uInterview.

The film centers around a boxer who voluntarily joins a sex-tracking ring in order to find her younger sister who was kidnapped.

Reis is a boxer and is making her acting debut in the film. She collaborated with Wladyka on the script after he found her on social media.

“I was really drawn to her using her platform to really talk about stuff that she fights for and talk about her community,” he told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “At the time I was researching and learning more about the MMIW crisis in North America and she was speaking to those things so I wanted to reach out to her.”

The pair worked together on writing the script, with Reis having input on the characters and story. They also decided to add elements from Reis’s personal life into her character.

“We wanted to bring some personal elements of her life into the character, making her a fighter, we wanted to make this really strong powerful fighter whose kinda fallen from the graces and sort of meet her on go on this journey that you think is one thing but is really another thing,” he said.

Reis was drawn to the project because of the way Wladyka was trying to tell the story.

“His approach to telling this story but knowing it wasn’t his story to tell but really respecting the perceptive of myself as just one Indigiouns woman but also the perceptive of a whole nation of people that experienced this genocide and something that’s been happening for so long,” she said.

Catch The Fair One was released on Feb. 11.

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