Nearly 15 years after the original show wrapped, The Brothers García reboot has finally arrived.

The popular Nickelodeon show’s reincarnation, which at the time was the first English language sitcom with a completely Latinx cast, will air on HBO Max.

The Garcías stars Bobby Gonzalez (George García) and Nitzia Chama (Ana García) recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to share insight into the casting process.

“It kind of just happened naturally,” said Gonzalez who was a part of the original cast.  “When we were in the audition process, they brought me in to read with a lot of the potential Anna’s and a lot of talented people came in, but when Nitzia showed up it was completely different. I was no longer going through the script. I was just reacting to everything that she was doing and we were just adlibbing and improving.”

“Oh my God, he sounds like my manager right now!” Chama joked.

As someone coming onto a show where some of the established actors already had four seasons of acting together under their belt, Chama knew it was a great TV family to join.

“The beautiful thing about our community is that it is about support, love, kindness and respect and that’s how I felt,” she said. “Bobby was in the show 20 years ago. They did four successful seasons, so for me, it was a challenge to join a family and a new project.”

“This is the first time that I’m acting in English,” Chama added. “It was a big challenge for me, but Bobby was the most amazing and supportive partner that I could have. Not only on screen, but we really have a love you know, we were holding hands all the time. We were hugging each other. We were supporting each other and I think that’s the Garcia’s. You’re going to fight, find joy, find joy, love, support and empathy. Especially these days, we need positive representation and positive content because we need to bring light to the new generation and to the world in general.”

The Garcías is now streaming on HBO Max.


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