Ben Hardy plays an exhibitionist in Michael Bays new action thriller 6 Underground. 

The 28-year-old English actor — who is known for his roles in films like X-Men: Apocalypse and Bohemian Rhapsody — spoke to uInterview exclusively about the unique aspects of his character in the film, which centers on six vigilantes who fake their own deaths to create a new future for themselves and take on a group of criminals.

“I play a guy that likes to get naked, apparently,” said Hardy. “I play ‘Four’ and he’s the Parkour expert,” he added before explaining how each character in the movie has a specific skill.

Hardy also revealed how he was forced to face his acrophobia for his role in 6 Underground, although he was fortunate enough to have a stunt double perform his stunts for him.

“I spent three months overcoming my fear of heights at the top of some of the tallest buildings [in the world],” said Hardy, who listed the Duomo in Florence, Italy as one of the landmarks he stood atop for the film. The actor added that despite the fact that the camerawork made certain buildings look significantly taller than they actually were, he was still “terrified” of heights.


Hardy also raved about working with Ryan Reynoldsa producer on 6 Underground who plays the billionaire philanthropist who forms the squad of six agents in the movie. Hardy said the Canadian actor was incredibly funny and kind on set.

“When he wants to, he just flips a switch and can make everyone laugh within a second,” said Hardy of Reynolds. “It’s like a superpower.”

“It’s always nice when you work with someone that high-profile who’s also a nice human being,” he added.

Hardy also added that 6 Underground also contains a substantial mix of action and humor that is often found in many of Bay’s movies.

6 Underground also stars Melanie Laurent, Dave Franco, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Corey Hawkins and will be released on Netflix on Friday (Dec. 13).


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