Matthias Giraud, star of the new documentary Super Frenchie, discussed his journey to becoming a professional skier and B.A.S.E. jumper in his new uInterview.

“I started skiing when I was 18-months-old and so I was pretty much hooked,” he told uSports editor Matt Brandon, “and I can’t remember when I was 18-months-old obviously, but from what my parents were telling me I just couldn’t get enough.”

“But by the age of four I was really already you know all I thought about was skiing, skiing, skiing,” he described, “and by the age of nine, I saw my first base jumping images, and it was actually ski base jumping too, and right there I knew that this was the direction I needed to take with my life and that there was just too much in there that I couldn’t avoid, you know. It encapsulated, I think even at an early age, it just encapsulated … everything that I felt that life should be like. It was all encapsulated in those two sports.”

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