Allisyn Snyder revealed the inspiration behind her horror short film Room 566 in her new uInterview.

Room 566 is based on my extreme anxiety surrounding hospitals,” Snyder told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “I’ve heard it dubbed white coat syndrome when I am, you know, awakening after passing out at a doctor’s office. And it’s an irrational fear, and so I wanted to make a project that was all about irrational fears, and especially, you know, basing it in that hospital location, which was so personal to me.”

The A.P. Bio actress worked on the film with her husband Dylan Snyder.

“He directed Room 566, which is a project that I wrote and helped produce as well,” she said, “and it’s so fun working with Dylan. Dylan is such a gear head, and he looks at things from such a technical perspective, and so the two of us work really, really well together, you know. I can explain a thought or a feeling that I want the audience to have and he knows how to communicate that visually.”

According to Snyder, the scariest part of the 13-minute movie is the “creature sequence.”

“One of my dearest friends and former cast mates from a show that I was on called Sonny With A Chance, his name is Matthew Scott Montgomery, and he was playing our like demonic creature,” she explained. “And he needs to wear glasses or contact lenses, and for the creature we needed him to wear blackout lenses, and it looks super creepy and scary. However, you know, from the behind the scenes point of view, I remember being on set and he couldn’t see wearing the blackout contacts and he obviously didn’t have his glasses on over all the prosthetics, so we had to lead this like blind demon throughout the set, which definitely takes away from the scariness just a little bit if you see the behind the scenes of this fumbling blind demon.”

Snyder revealed that this short film is only the beginning for her career in horror movie making.

Room 566 is something that we actually shot as kind of a proof of concept for a longer piece,” she said. “And so that’s what my team and myself are working on right now, is gearing up for our first feature, which is really exciting.”

Though the upcoming film won’t be exactly the same as Room 566, the writer said the movie will still feature “that fear of the irrational and that fear of the unknown.”

“My filmmaking itch will never be scratched,” she said.

Room 566 is available on YouTube. Check out the trailer below!

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