Flack star Anna Paquin revealed why she loves playing her dark character in Season 2 in her new uInterview.

Paquin plays Robyn, a public relations consultant in charge of mitigating celebrity scandals, though she often finds herself unable to avoid creating scandals in her own life.

“She has kind of burnt a lot of bridges in both her personal and professional life at the end of Season 1,” Pacquin told uInterview Founder Erik Meers, “and has some kind of large fireworks in that arena that she is trying very hard and very earnestly at the beginning of Season 2 to regain trust and rebuild some of these relationships. But she is ultimately someone with mental health issues and substance abuse issues and she actually hasn’t really dealt with her own stuff. She’s just kind of putting Band-Aids over it and I think as, you know, most people know that doesn’t really work in the long term.”

Paquin said Robyn’s darkest scenes were some of the most fun to shoot: “So much of what we do on this show, especially this season for Robyn, that is so deeply dark and kind of ugly in many ways but it sounds weird to say, ‘Oh it was amazing! We all did this really heavy gnarly scene today!’ That makes you sound weird when you say, ‘Oh I had the best day at the office.'”

The actress added that the serious scenes where characters are “butting heads” are made better by the connection within the female lead cast.

“What is really beautiful and really special about the whole team, but particularly the beautiful female ensemble that I’m at the center of, is that we all are such a close creative, but also in real life friend group and the level of support and safety and trust that we all have when each other’s characters are having to go into the dark places,” she said. “And it sounds weird to say that’s fun but it is because you feel completely safe and completely protected and also that isn’t the case on every single set. Sometimes you just don’t have those connections with people. And we’re able to do really weird stuff and gnarly, go to the dark places because we’re all a tight little family behind the scenes.”

Pacquin also revealed what it was like having “force of nature” Martha Plimpton join the cast for one episode where she played Robyn’s mother.

“She’s such a phenomenal actress and I grew up like with her as, you know, one of my sort of ‘acting idols’ and sort of ‘pop culture idols,'” Pacquin explained. “and she just brings everything. There’s no holding back.”

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