Flack star Anna Paquin revealed why she loves working with her husband Stephen Moyer in her new uInterview.

The actress described the journey of working with her husband of 11 years, from True Blood to the present.

“Obviously we met as actors and spent the first several seasons of True Blood working only together really, all day, every day,” Paquin told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “And then he started directing some of the episodes on True Blood and that just seemed like a very seamless transition for me, and for him, and for our creative collective there. And he’s directed me in what was his feature debut as well, and we just have a level of trust, and connection, and shorthand where he doesn’t have to say much because he knows exactly how to get me into the place I need to be for any given moment.”


“I’ve worked with some extraordinarily gifted directors, and he is an incredibly gifted director, but I also have the absolute perk of him just knowing me better than anyone else on the planet,” she said, “and knowing that he can, you know, come in and whisper like two tiny things and it’s like little minutia adjustments because that’s us in real life. It’s a real luxury. Especially when it’s dark twisty material, and you’re always running out of time, you know. And then also that thing that as an actor when you’re going to quite dark places emotionally that you feel quite vulnerable and it’s hard to gauge whether or not we actually nailed that; ‘Did we get that? Do I need another take?’ And having someone you completely implicitly trust to be like ‘No, we got it. We can move on.’

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