Growing Up Hip Hop star Angela Simmons is back with Season 2 of her own show, Just Angela. Simmons is in the driver’s seat and embraces all the topics she cares about. The show gives viewers insight into the entrepreneur, mother, executive producer and fitness guru Simmons’ day-to-day routine as she navigates life and extends her already impressive resume.

“I’ve got dance lessons. I’m vegan, so I give you guys tips on how to eat, fashion pointers, what to wear on a date – or what I would wear anyway – some mental and spiritual stuff, speaking of black maternal health, and just great topics that I feel like need to be talked about. It’s called ‘Just Angela,’ so it’s like me letting you guys in,” Simmons told uInterview’s Erik Meers.

At just 33, Simmons is a success story by all definitions, but she believes there’s always more room at the top. Simmons was eager to share advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

“My advice is always going to be to go for it,” she said. “Entrepreneurs struggle at, at least in the beginning, just going and doing it. My biggest thing is to try, even if you fail, try again. It’s a fear people have of failing. I’ve learned if it doesn’t work the first time, go back and do it again. If it doesn’t work the second time, go and do it again.”

“You hear so many successful people say it took them over a hundred tries until they finally catch traction,” Simmons added. “Doing the research, finding the individuals that you can learn from … going for it is definitely what I would say.”

One of Simmon’s passions is bringing a network of women together to encourage and support each other through advice and connecting with one another. One of her latest endeavors, The Purpose App, just does that.

“I definitely feel like we need to as you know, as African Americans, invest in each other when it comes to businesses, but also allotting a platform,” Simmons said. “There are so many talented individuals that get overlooked, so for me, it’s important to use our platforms and voices and support one another. I feel like every community has a support system so we too need a support system and should be supporting each other.”

Catch Just Angela on Aspire TV.

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