Andrew Semans spent years trying to get his screenplay for Resurrection, which was on the infamous Hollywood blacklist, made.

Seman’s the twisty thriller called for talented actors to portray the complex characters – things finally fell into place when he cast Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth in the two central roles.

“It was hugely important because the movie, without giving anything away, goes into some pretty strange and outlandish territory and to be able to make that work, to be able to hold an audience’s attention and make it feel credible – psychologically credible, emotionally credible – we absolutely needed brilliant, brilliant actors,” Seman told uInterview’s Erik Meers ahead of the film’s Sundance Film Festival premiere. “Thankfully, amazingly, we were able to get Rebecca Hall who for my money is as good as any actor in the world today … she’s extraordinary. When she came on board, I was a huge fan and knew that she had what it took to land this thing… to make this character someone who is fascinating, who is very intense but maintains dignity and a sense of pride … and a sense that she is very intelligent and sophisticated throughout.”

“Tim Roth is Tim Roth.” Semans continued. “He is kind of a living legend, his career speaks for itself.”

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