The film A Little Prayer follows the story of a father named Bill (David Strathairn) who learns his son David (Will Pullen) is having an affair. Bill wants to save his daughter-in-law Tammy (Jane Levy) from heartache but doesn’t know how or if he should intervene. Alice star Celia Weston plays the wife and mother, Venida.


In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Weston discussed what it was like working with Levy and Strathairn.

“They’re both wonderful actors,” Weston said. “With David it was the first time for [working with him] but it’s my third film with [director] Angus [MacLachlan] so there was definitely common ground and great communication. And I’m a congenial person, I get along with everybody, and I’d say that about David Strathairn and so we brought that to the table. We were the two senior citizens on the film so we had that in common and there was no obstacle to coming to the result, we just both are seasoned and know how to respond, in reality, and in the story, so that it’s true and that you’re touching each other and hearing each other.”

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