Alexander England stars in the quirky and complex new zombie comedy movie, Little Monsters, which centers on a washed-up musician who is forced to deal with a zombie invasion after offering to chaperone his nephew’s kindergarten field trip.

The Australian actor — who has appeared in films like Gods of Egypt (2016) and Alien: Covenant (2017) — described his character Dave as a “man-child” and explained the challenges he ends up facing over the course of the film, which is set in Australia.

“He’s somebody who hasn’t grown up and taken responsibility for his actions and is very good at blaming other people for things not working out in his life,” said England of Dave. “We jump in with this guy and watch him sort of stumbling through life ineffectually and we meet his sister and his sister’s child, Dave’s nephew and it’s this relationship that we’ll follow closer through the film.”


England explained his character quickly falls in love with his nephew’s kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline, who is played by Academy Award Winner Lupita Nyong’o. England raved about Nyong’o, whose performance he described as “unbelievable.”

“She just breezed into the room with this huge smile on her face,” England said of meeting Nyong’o for the first time. “She [seemed] really genuinely excited about the story, which is the only reason for her to be down in Australia in bottom-of-the-earth and slightly different working conditions than she’s become accustomed to.”

“That generosity of spirt is how I think of her. She was so well-prepared,” he added of the Oscar winner, who he revealed performed substantial research on what being a kindergarten teacher in Australia was like. England also said Nyong’o ended up serving as a great mentor for the children in the film.

England recalled a fight scene he had with Josh Gad, who plays Teddy McGiggle, a television personality star who helps create the schoolchildren’s activities on their field trip. England said the sequence was partly intended to see how far the boundaries of both actors could be pushed.

“Josh is such an incredible performer and he has a real background in improvisation and a really twisted, dark sense of humor,” said England. “Basically, we were like kids in a candy store. We just kept going further and further and further and that’s what you seen in the film is what happens if a bunch of people get together and nobody says ‘no.'”

Little Monsters, an Australian-American-British production directed by Abe Forsythe that premiered at Sundance earlier this year, is now out in the U.S. The movie has a great 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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