Former NFL tight end Vernon Davis is making the transition from the gridiron to the big screen in his new film Gasoline Alley with Bruce WillisDevon Sawa and Luke Wilson.

In the movie, Davis plays a bouncer named Kaiser who finds himself involved in a dangerous situation.

The ex-NFL star shared why acting is not so different from football in his exclusive uInterview with Erik Meers.

“It’s always great being on set, it reminds me of the team setting I had when I was playing ball,” he said. “There’s nothing like being in that kind of environment. You learn about yourself and you find different things about the craft you’re in, so it’s always a beautiful experience.”

While the same concept applies to both acting and football, preparation looks a little different for Davis these days. Instead of studying film and physically preparing to play football on Sundays, Davis makes sure he has his lines memorized and understands each scene before he shows up on set.

“The number one thing that’s important to me is that I’m prepared when I go there,” Davis said. “I shouldn’t have to find myself in a place where I’m just learning my line or I have to ask someone for something I don’t know. I’m gonna make sure I’m well prepared before I get on set. That’s something I learned when I was playing football. You never want to go somewhere unprepared in anything you do, and that’s in life.”

Davis’ favorite part about working on the film was getting to know one of his childhood idols, Bruce Willis.

“When I saw him, all I could think about was the days that I was sitting on the bed with my granddad watching Die Hard and all the other movies that Bruce was a part of,” he said. “It was just wonderful to be able to be in his presence, to say hey, I’m doing something with Bruce Willis and I met Bruce Willis … pretty cool.”

Gasoline Alley is out in theaters now.

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