Phoebe Robinson, who created and co-hosted the 2 Dope Queens podcast, discussed how she stays healthy and her dream Valentine’s Day date, in an exclusive interview with uInterview founder Erik Meers at the Red Dress Concert on Wednesday night in New York City.

The podcast was hosted by Jessica Williams and Robinson and featured female comedians, comedians of color and LGBTQ+ comedians to elevate people from different backgrounds.

Her television show, Everything’s Trash, debuted on Freeform last summer. It stars Robinson as a podcast host going through the troubles of adulthood while her older brother (Jordan Carlos) runs for office.

“I carry a lot of tension. I’m a writer. I sit at my desk, I’m always stressed out and I travel a lot, so I try to do a little bit of yoga, a little bit of Pilates, spending time with friends. My key thing is to de-stress.”

She then talked about her favorite behind-the-scenes moment on Everything’s Trash. “Probably the most memorable moment is like the first time you walk into like your character’s bedroom and you’re like, ‘Oh she’s real and like this is her closet, this is her desk,’ and it’s just so fun. I think all those times where it’s two o’clock in the morning, we’re tired and you’re just in bed and making each other laugh because you’re loopy.”

Regarding her ideal Valentine’s date, she said, “I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person. I feel like it puts a lot of pressure on things, so I’m always just like flowers, dinner, that’s it. I’m like such a simple gal. I like going on trips, but I like to do that for my birthday, so I’m like let’s save up money in February so that in September we can go someplace a little swanky.”

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