Singer Jonah Prill opened up about how he connects to his fans through his music, his Montana-inspired sound, and what’s coming next for him in his new uInterview.

The country singer’s newest single “You Remind Me” “is really about me wanting to connect with my listeners really,” Prill told uInterview’s Erik Meers, “and just kind of finding that thing that we all relate to, and the thing that was resonating with me, that I relate to, is breakups.”

“We’ve all kind of had those feelings of memories just coming and going, and this single was really about how anything can remind you of that person,” he said. “Whether that’s your cellphone, it could be a laptop, just something that reminds you of that person in a way that you wouldn’t have thought. Whether that’s a good memory or a bad memory, whatever. That’s just how I wanted to relate to my listeners on this one.”

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“I’m still finding my own sound, and really I think that’s part of the artist’s journey too,” he explained. “I’m a simple boy from Montana, and I’ve been a little bit removed from Nashville, and so I don’t have a lot of musical influences put on me. It’s all self-developed.”

Prill described his sound as “guitar heavy.”

“I’m a big guitar player, I’m a big guitar player, I love shredding on the guitar, and that’s a sound I want to push because I think it rocks,” he said. “And I also like listening to pop music and country, so if I can find out a good way to combine guitar, pop and country, that’s where I want to be.”

“Country music up here, if you come from Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, is fairly traditional still, so there’s not a whole lot of pop-country or rock-country coming out of Montana,” the singer said, adding that he wanted to “push that boundary.” “Who’s done pop/rock country out of the west, not a whole lot of people, so I’m hoping to kind of make that statement.”

So, what’s next for Prill?

“I think another song is next,” he said smiling. “We’re headed to Nashville, we’re going to do a few shows, record a few songs, and just keep it going. I mean, I’m ready to get into this, and really write the songs I have in my head on pen and paper and record them.”

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