Letterkennya Canadian-based sitcom directed by Jacob Tierney, hilariously explores small-town Canada and the people who live there.

Dylan Playfair, who plays Reilly, and Andrew Herr, who plays Stewart, recalled some of the most memorable moments from the season in their new uInterview. “My favorite moment was when we were doing the punching through the walls,” Playfair told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “We had a rehearsal for punching through drywall where Jacob Tierney, our director, mentioned that there were lines in the drywall where it would give way, so you could punch through it a little bit easier. Andrew goes, “How hard do you need to hit it, still pretty hard right?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, hit it hard.’ He (Andrew) says, ‘As hard and I can?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah as hard as you can and then go from there.’ This kid winds up and he has a bomb on him and he puts his arm through this drywall with such force that the idea was to go to here (his wrist). He gets all the way up to his shoulder, through the set and everyone on set goes, ‘What the he – is that, what just happened?’ And then Jacob goes, ‘okay, okay about half that should be good? That’s a lot of power you got there.’ That was pretty funny, and then you see the episode where we’re tearing the walls apart. Yeah, that was fun.”

Herr recalled another more revealing moment. “Anytime we get to be involved in a fight scene – well this is technically a fight scene with a wall – I think we get giddy inside and it reminds us of our days playing junior hockey so yeah, that was a lot of fun,” he said. “The VidVok stuff was a lot of fun, too. The first time we did our butt flexes, it was Sudbury in May so you never know what the weather is going to be like. The day we first had to whip our butts out it was almost minus weather, so we were quite literally freezing our buns off. That scene was a ton of fun because it’s always so much fun to work with Tyler, Evan, Nadine and Sasha because they bring a lot to the scene. Those were some fun moments this season.”

Letterkenny‘s tenth season has just been released on Hulu.

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