Caroline Williams, communications director for USA Basketball, talked about the care they plan to give mothers in the United States Women’s National Basketball Team during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

During the interview, Williams explained that the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, as well as the International Olympic Committee, work with the women’s basketball team to help mothers.

Williams explained that if a mother is part of a basketball team, USA Basketball pays for their child’s caregiver, for training camps and for the competitions they participate in.

Williams said she is hopeful that the organizations will be able to make this plan work because of the vital importance of motherhood.

“USA Basketball is working with USOPC and the IOC and everybody else involved to try and work this out,” she said. “We do have a program in which, if we’ve got mothers – or fathers, but it’s on the national team with the women, obviously it’s the mothers – if they have young children, we pay for their child and their caregiver, to join the team at training camps or at the competition because we know how important that is. We’re hopeful that, should we have a mother on the team this year, that we can make that work out … there’s still a lot of details to be hammered out.”

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